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We design and build control systems for a wide variety of applications, using both conventional relay based systems and PLCs. We increasingly use distributed I/O systems and industrial networks to interface field devices (sensors and actuators), with the central PLC "brain" using a minimum of cabling to reduce installation time and costs and give a more flexible system. We have a wide understanding of Asi, Asi safe, Profibus, Devicenet and Ethernet for interfacing multiple control devices such as PLCs, HMIs, and Pcs.

We have extensive knowledge of integrating hydraulic and pneumatic control systems. We take an active role in the overall design of machines so that the control system is designed-in from the outset, rather than being considered at a later stage.

This minimises the need for compromises in bringing together the mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems. This active involvement means that our customers see us as an integral part of their design operation.

With this extensive experience of control systems we have special expertise in the fields of PLC control using Siemens, Allan Bradley (Rockwell), Omron, Hitachi and Mitsubishi equipment. We are also able to replace the large array of buttons and indicators with screen based operator panels also known as HMIs and MMIs.

These use programmable function keys or touch screens together with purpose designed graphics screens to operate complex machines with easy to learn and readily understandable graphics. This is especially useful with machines for export where the graphics minimise the problems of translation.

If plant or process data is required by different departments we can use traditional SCADA systems or Windows OPC servers and Visual Basic applications or custom designed interfaces.

Another important part of our service is to prepare the electrical drawings (usually using Autocad), and system documentation. We often also prepare the training and operation manuals for the system.

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