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At Nexdorf Electrical our specialised services are geared up to provide our clients with a fully comprehensive electrical inspection and testing service.

We carry out fully approved electrical inspection and testing of all types of electrical installations, on all types of machinery and properties. We have a number of inspectors, all qualified to City & Guild 2391, who will carry out a thorough in-depth inspection of the whole electrical installation, or a section of the installation, in accordance with the latest British Standards. A full report is provided with a list of the appropriate test results along with a quotation for any needed upgrade work found during the inspection and testing.

We are fully certified by the ECA for carrying out inspections and testing for commercial/industrial installation.

Electrical Contractors Association

Nexdorf Electrical is also breaking ground in using thermograph testing. Thermography is a non-contact temperature measuring technique and has the ability to measure temperature in a non-intrusive manner; this makes it one of the best available tools for detecting electrical faults before components fail.

Nexdorf Electrical recommends that the thermographic testing is carried out as a complementary service and should not replace the electrical test itself.

This type of testing is helpful in assessing fire risk without having to power down important areas.  You can also gain information about overheated components which may not be apparent during conventional electrical testing.

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